Many were understandably excited when it was announced that Spider-Man would finally appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Spider-Man has been getting his own movies, due to licensing issues, Marvel themselves weren’t able to use the character in their own movies, at least until Captain America: Civil War.


We’re sure many are curious as to what Marvel’s Spider-Man could look like, and if you are wondering how different he might look from the previous two iterations played by Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, you’re in luck as the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer has been released, and in the trailer not only are you being treated to a ton of new footage, but you also finally get a glimpse at Spider-Man in action.

The latest Spider-Man is being played by Tom Holland and we have to admit that the suit looks a little weird. Some are saying that it is reminiscent of the older Spider-Man comics, which we have to agree it does. It does seem a little strange considering that the other versions of Spider-Man appear to be look more “futuristic” and “edgy”, but it’s not a bad look.

In any case Captain America: Civil War will be making its way to cinemas come 6th of May, so mark that date down on your calendars if you are planning on checking it out. In the meantime you can watch the latest trailer in the video above.

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