Domino’s has certainly done their bit to make sure that ordering a pizza is as easy and convenient for you as possible through various devices and platforms. In fact, they have their own pizza delivery vehicles, not to mention explored the possibility of having a robot drop off your piping hot pizza in front of your doorstep. Well, this time around, Domino’s makes everything even easier with its “Zero Click” app.

As its name suggests, the Zero Click app does not need you to key in details like name, address, credit card number and the ilk – all that you need to do is to open the app, turn the knob on the door when the delivery arrives, and start to wolf down on whatever has been served.

Of course, it will require a one-time set up to get everything running fine and dandy. First time users will need to sign in and contribute the above mentioned details, including pizza preference and credit card number, which will be stored under the Pizza Profile – which presumably, can be modified accordingly as and when required. Once done, whenever you are hungry for a pizza, just open the app. The 10-second timer will then run, and if the timer is not stopped and counts down to zero, your pizza will be ordered.

Best to keep such an app hidden away from children if you happen to lend your handset to the kids, otherwise you might have uncalled for pizza orders arriving all the time.

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