nexus htc 10As far as Nexus handsets are concerned, HTC has been only involved in one which was the first Nexus phone ever, which admittedly is a pretty important milestone for the company and Google’s Nexus lineup. Now thanks a post on Reddit, Redditor Daman09 has created a mockup of what he thinks HTC’s Nexus could look like if they were to make one.

Basically the mockup is just a rendering of the recently launched HTC 10 with the Nexus branding on the back, which admittedly does look pretty good. However reactions to the rendering have been somewhat mixed. Some think it is a good idea, while others think that should HTC make a Nexus, they would prefer if the design was something different.

Others have chimed in saying that it seems unlikely that Google would allow the design given that they’ve gotten a bit more strict in terms of product design over the years. That being said, there is a good reason as to why a HTC Nexus mockup might be important. This is because rumors from earlier this year suggested that this year’s Nexus could be made by HTC.

The report claims that HTC will be making two Nexus handsets in 2016, although we have also heard reports that Huawei is a possible candidate. Given that the Nexus 6P by Huawei was pretty well-received, we wouldn’t be surprised if Huawei were to come back for round 2. In any take what do you guys think? Would you love to see a Nexus version of the HTC 10?

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