htc vive appThe HTC Vive connects to a computer in order for users to take advantage of its features, but given how connected we are these days, it didn’t really come as a surprise to learn that the HTC Vive had an app of its own. The app was previously released only for Android devices, but the good news is that the iOS version is finally here.

According to HTC’s description of the app, “Don’t miss what’s important IRL while you’re in VR. To get essential notifications in the world of virtual reality, just connect your iPhone with your HTC Vive. Notifications about phone calls, text messages and calendar events pop up without interrupting play and appear in the Vive tab on your System Dashboard so you can view them later too.”

Basically the app will send calls and text messages to the headset, meaning that if you are immersed in a video game right now or a movie, you won’t necessarily have to interrupt your session in order to answer a call or see who sent you a message. Unfortunately the only downside, which might be due to iOS limitations, is that you won’t be able to send preset responses to text messages, a feature that is available on the Android version.

In any case if you’d like to get your hands on the app, you can find it for free on the iTunes App Store. Android users who have not downloaded the app will also be able to get their hands on it on Google Play.

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