hub-keyboardA couple of months ago, Microsoft launched the Hub keyboard for Android devices. At that time it was unclear if the app would ever find its way onto iOS especially given that there are some apps for Android that have remained exclusive. However for iOS users who are curious about the keyboard app, you’re in luck.


Microsoft has recently released the Hub keyboard app for iOS devices and for the most part it operates the same way as its Android counterpart. So what so special about the Hub keyboard? For the regular iOS user, it might not mean much, but if you’re someone who relies on Office 365 heavily, then you might appreciate the app more.

Basically the keyboard integrates with Office 365 and will allow users to quickly search for their own contacts and documents within Office 365 to share them whenever the keyboard is present. It also makes copying and pasting a cinch as the most recent clipboard text is shown at the top of the keyboard, so pasting is just a tap away.

So far reviews of the keyboard have been somewhat mixed but your mileage might vary depending on what you use it for. Like we said, it seems to be more catered towards Office 365 users so if you are one of those users, you might get more use out of it. The app is a free download so hit up the iTunes App Store for the download.

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