From time to time you might receive notifications about an update for your operating system. Unless it’s a very obvious bug that impacts the performance of your computer, some of you guys might choose to ignore the update until a later date. Now if you are an OS X user, you might want to update your operating system ASAP.

According to security researchers at Bishop Fox, it seems that there is a bug in OS X that will allow hackers to potentially read your iMessages as you can see in the demonstration video above. It seems that this bug is so basic that anyone with a bit of knowledge in JavaScript will be able to pull it off.

How it works is that the hacker could disguise their text as a normal hyperlink, meaning that when you click it, a script is executed in which your iMessages will then be sent to a remote server in which the hacker will then be able to peruse them at their leisure. Now the good news is that this report was published after a patch has been issued.

So if you do use iMessages on your iMac or MacBook often, then perhaps you’ll want to update to OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 lest you fall prey to the hack.

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