tesla model s p85dThe self-parking Tesla Model S (limited to parking in your garage, of course) looks set to be on the receiving end of an upgraded model, if rumors as reported by CNET were to be believed. It would not be out of the ordinary anyway, especially when you take into consideration how well the Tesla Model 3 was received upon its reveal, racking up some rather impressive pre-order numbers which should see a boost in production along the way. Back to the Tesla Model S – it seems that the upgraded model might arrive next week at the earliest..

This rumor was touted to have come into existence based on information from sources that hail from within Tesla itself, citing that Tesla will be working on delivering more luxury-centric upgrades to its flagship vehicle, not only on the inside but on the exterior as well, which would certainly see it go toe-to-toe with the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedez-Benz, we suppose.

There might be a redesigned fascia front, new seats and LED lights thrown into the mix, and surely all of these will cost money, so we have no idea just how much more should one fork out for the ride if it were realized. Let us keep our fingers crossed that more will be revealed next week!

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