Nobody likes cheaters, they ruin the gameplay experience for everybody, which is why game developers take stern action against anybody and everybody gaming the system. Ubisoft has warned that the April update for The Division, which arrives next week, is going to feature a new player reporting system that will notify Ubisoft about players creating problems for everybody else and players who are cheating. Those found cheating will be permanently banned.

For their first offense, cheaters are going to be handed down a three-day suspension. If they don’t learn their lesson and continue to cheat and are caught for the second time, they might be permanently banned. Ubisoft won’t even give them a third chance.

Ubisoft has already baked in cheat detection systems server-side but that doesn’t completely plug the problem. Players often report other players who are cheating and this lets the company know who is spoiling the fun for everybody.

Once the next update arrives on April 12th, The Division players on PC will be able to flag an account for Ubisoft to investigate by typing /report in the chat. Currently, this feature has only been announced for the PC.

Ubisoft also points out that there are instances when players feel that their opponents are cheating but that just might be due to the power gap between the players. If you’re playing against someone with a higher-level character and better gear it might seem like they’re cheating when they’re really not.

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