egamesWhen it comes to traditional sporting events, we have huge events that is sort of the culmination of various sports into a single event, like the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, the Winter Olympics, and so on. However when it comes to eSports, there isn’t really anything similar, although that could change thanks to the backing of the UK government.


Dubbed the eGames, this is an initiative backed by the UK government that aims to create an Olympic-like event for eSports. According to the description of the event, “Supported by the UK Government, this not for profit initiative, has been set up with the aim of positively shaping the future of competitive gaming. In line with other globally established sporting events, the eGames will be a medal only competition, with the opportunity to take home the gold.”

So far it seems that several countries have signed up to be part of it, like the UK, Canada, Brazil, and the US, with the goal being that it will encourage more countries to sign up and be part of the program later on. eSports has come a long way from back in the day, and over in the US, gamers have been granted athlete visas to come into the country to participate in tournaments.

In other parts of the world, being good at gaming could even land you a spot in university where previously such scholarships were typically given out to more traditional athletes. Will this eGames concept catch on? We suppose it remains to be seen, but what do you guys think? Would you like to tune in to such an event on TV in the future?

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