vlc-chromeWhile many operating systems and media devices come with their own media player softwares installed on them by default, there are many users out there who will be more than happy to replace those with VLC, a much more simple and versatile piece of media player software. Now the good news for Xbox One gamers is that your time has come.

According to a recent post by Thomas Nigro who is one of the maintainers of the VLC software, he has announced that the VLC app will be making its way onto the console this coming summer. “We’ve been working on Xbox One for a long time, even considered a Windows 8 app last year, but we could’nt because of the lack of proper APIs. The work on the Xbox One UWP port started in February, and it’s been a pleasure to follow the SDK updates.”

If you’d rather not wait until summer, Nigro revealed that gamers who don’t mind using their console as a development box will be able to test the app starting next week. Now as it stands, VLC is available for Windows 10, but its developers have decided to rebuild it as a Universal Windows Program (UWP).

This means that not only will it run on computers like desktops or laptops, but it will also be able to run on other Windows 10-based devices like smartphones, tablets, and the Xbox One. In any case there’s still some time to go before its release, but it’s good to know that it’s on its way.

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