One of the reasons why many athletes love using the GoPro is because it is small, compact, lightweight, and easily mountable, thus allowing them to capture some pretty unique POV footage without heavy camera equipment hanging off them. However what if you could enhance the footage you capture?

What if you could make it feel like the viewer is experiencing it with you? Unfortunately GoPros can’t capture virtual reality yet, not unless you’re willing to drape a dozen of them around you neck, but you can get the next best thing: 3D footage. You don’t even need to buy a new camera because all you’ll need is a lens called the Vitrima that will set you back $50.

Basically how it works is that it attaches a pair of lenses in front of your GoPro, essentially allowing it to capture stereoscopic footage. “Vitrima uses mirrors to create two different images for your left and right eyes. When you watch the video through a VR headset your brain puts the two images together into a 3D experience.”

It sounds like a pretty simple idea but we can’t really speak to its effectiveness or quality, but for $50 it doesn’t seem like too much to pay for the experience. It has not yet been released but you can sign up at their website to get notified for when it does.

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