amazon-freshAt the moment Amazon sells certain self-branded products, like tablets and e-readers for example. However it looks like they will soon be venturing into brand new territory: food. This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal who has heard that Amazon could soon start selling self-branded perishable food items in the coming weeks.


Amazon’s interest in products for the home aren’t new as we have seen them create Dash buttons which lets people order household goods from home at a touch of a button. Let’s not forget that Amazon also already delivers food and groceries, so selling their own brand of food items doesn’t seem like a stretch.

According to the report, Amazon’s brand of perishable food items could include things like nuts, spices, tea, coffee, baby food, and even vitamins. Amazon is also said to be taking a stab at household items such as diapers and even laundry detergents. Of course Amazon wouldn’t be the first company to start selling their own brand of food items.

We’ve seen retailers around the world adopt similar strategies in which for the most part, home brand items tend to be cheaper for those who aren’t too fussy or are shopping on a budget. Combine this with Prime’s expedited shipping, we reckon it would be possible to actually shop for household items and have it delivered to you faster than if you were to drive out to the supermarket.

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