apple_logoAccording to earlier rumors, Apple is said to be buying/renting buildings that are related to Project Titan, which for those unfamiliar is Apple’s attempt at an electric/self-driving car. The project also appears to be well underway because we had also heard reports of hardware prototypes being built.


Now according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple could be getting ready to conduct some tests soon. The report claims that Apple is apparently interested in an 800,000 square foot plot of land in which they expect that this is where Apple will be testing Project Titan on, or at least that’s where they will be conducting their tests.

The source of their information reportedly comes from a certain Victor Coleman, the CEO of Hudson Pacific Properties. During a recent earnings call, Coleman told investors that several big name companies were eyeing their properties in Silicon Valley, and that Apple (along with Toyota and Google) was one of them.

According to Coleman, “We’re looking at right now two of those companies that are name related. And I haven’t even mentioned the 400,000 feet that Google is looking to take down and the 800,000 feet that Apple’s looking to take down for their autonomous cars as well.” Apple’s Project Titan is probably one of the worst-kept secrets in the tech world as of late, but given that it probably takes a while to develop a vehicle from scratch, we think it will still be a few years before we actually see anything concrete, if at all.

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