bbm-video-betaLooking to make video chats on your smartphone? There are plenty of apps that can do that, like LINE, Skype, FaceTime, and if the rumors are to be believed, it looks like WhatsApp could soon be gaining video calling features as well. However if you are a BBM user, you might be pleased to learn that the video chat feature is rolling out to both iOS and Android devices as we speak.

This is according to a recent announcement by BlackBerry in which they announced that the feature is making its way to its iOS and Android versions of BBM. However note that the feature was previously available in beta for Android, but it looks like it has rolled out on a wider scale and will now include iOS devices.

The feature is still in beta but we guess it works well enough where BlackBerry reckons it should be usable for the most part, although they do point out, “Please note we’re initially limiting availability because this is the first time we’re launching BBM Video calling, and we want to monitor performance, gather feedback, and iron out any kinks that may arise before we roll it out globally.”

Also we should point out that the video calling feature will only be available in both the US and Canada, but BlackBerry expects that they will be able to roll it out on a global scale come July, so for our readers in other parts of the world, you guys will just have to wait for it. In the meantime you can hit up the iTunes App Store and Google Play for the latest downloads.

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