You guys might recall that several years ago, BioLite launched a Camp Stove on Kickstarter that not only could cook your food while you’re out camping, but thanks to the heat generated by it, it is also capable of recharging your smartphone at the same time. Now it looks like the creators behind the Camp Stove are back with a new gadget called the BaseLantern.

This is a flatpack Bluetooth LED lantern that unlike other lanterns, can slip easily into your backpack making it easy for you to transport when you’re out camping. It sports Bluetooth connectivity which will allow users to control the light’s brightness and colors via your smartphone. It features a 7,800mAh battery that will allow to run for 54 hours on its lowest setting, or up to 6 hours when cranked out at maximum.

In addition, there are also optional accessories in the form of SiteLites that when connected to the BaseLantern, will allow you to hang overhead string lighting. Also just like the Camp Stove, the BaseLantern also has the ability to help recharge some of your electronics, although we guess if you use too much of its battery, you can kiss your nightlights goodbye.

The BaseLantern is a pretty awesome idea and if you’d like to help fund it to make it a reality, head on over to Kickstarter for the details and where a pledge of $79 will nab you the device upon its successful funding.

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