Live video streams aren’t new. However most streams are not designed to be seen in stereoscopic 3D via VR. The EYSE camera has been designed from the ground up for that purpose as it can capture 3D (stereo) video and live-stream virtual reality content to VR headsets and goggles.

So how does it work? The EYSE camera will come with a pair of 5MP cameras and specialized video processors, which can be upgraded to 13MP if necessary. This allows the camera to record a dual perspective stereoscopic video (one for each eye) and also offer a wider field of view. The cameras can also pivot 110-degrees, thus offering up additional vantage points and perspectives.

As you can see in the video above, this means that you will be able to host live events like a birthday celebration and the other person (the spectator wearing the VR headset) can “feel like” they are in the room, whilst also being able to look around. Some of the camera’s components are modular which allows users to add different kinds of lenses.

The EYSE has also been designed to be rugged, so taking it with you to go swimming is not an issue as it is water-resistant. It can also withstand drops thanks to its six integrated customized shock absorbers. We have seen a number of 360 degre video cameras dedicated to VR viewing popping up recently, namely  the Samsung Gear 360 and the LG 360 CAM, but, what sets  EYSE apart, is it 3D video recording and real-time broadcasting via Wifi capabilities.

EYSE doesn’t try to capture the whole 360-degree field at once, but lets you look around, thanks to its mechanical rotation capabilities. The only downside is that you cannot record a 360-degrees view to replay it later. This is really built for a “live” experience.

As we all remember, 3D (stereo) video was big a few years ago, however, despite the intense marketing push from leading brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, both on the TV and the camcorders sides, consumers were not that much interested in watching movies in 3D at home. However, we can expect that VR is a better avenue for that technology, since 3D definitively enhance the immersive VR experience, and finally, users have to wear goggles anyway to experience VR.

EYSE  is priced at $399 for the basic device, or $499 for the EYSE Pro which comes with camera mounts and other accessories bundled with it.

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