AppleWatch_04Apple still has yet to officially confirm how many Apple Watches they have sold to date, meaning that it’s anyone’s guess as to how well the wearable is truly doing, but so far based on analyst reports it seems to be doing fairly well. However as it stands, Fitbit is still leading the way in terms of wearables, and maybe they have some advice Apple should follow.

According to Fitbit’s CEO James Park, he thinks that Apple has approached the wearables scene the wrong way, suggesting that maybe the Apple Watch is a bit too complex. “We look at it from a consumer point of view,” according to Park. He also notes that the Apple Watch “is a computing platform [instead, and] that’s really the wrong way to approach this category from the very beginning.”

Park doesn’t limit his criticism to just the Apple Watch but also to smartwatches in general. According to him, “I think one of the general knocks against smartwatches is that people still don’t know what they’re good for, so they’ve crammed everything in.” So far Fitbit’s offerings have been pretty straightforward and target people who exercise.

Sure, their more recent wearables might come with additional features, but at their core they are still aimed primarily at active users. Maybe Park has a point, but if the numbers provided by analysts are any indication, we reckon Apple is doing just fine.

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