google-self-driving-carHave you ever wondered what it could be like to drive a self-driving car? We suppose if you’re looking for the commercial version of a self-driving car, we reckon the closest you could get to at the moment would be a Tesla with Autopilot mode. Either that or wait a few more years before all the laws and regulations and technology has been sorted out.

However in the meantime you might be pleased to learn that if you live in Arizona, Google has announced that they are looking to hire local drivers to test their self-driving cars. This job appears to pay pretty well as drivers will be paid $20 an hour and are expected to work under 12-24 month contracts, and are also expected to spend 6-8 hours a day driving.

Naturally they are also expected to provide written and oral feedback to the engineering team to help make improvements and changes where necessary. As expected, these drivers will also need to have no criminal history and a clean driving record. Interestingly they are also required to be able to type 40 words per minute, and will have to keep their work confidential.

Speaking to The Republic, Brian Torcellini, head of operations for Google’s Self-Driving Car testing program said, “The role of test driver is so new that there isn’t a particular type of person that we look for. We’ve hired people from all types of backgrounds, from English teachers to orbital welders.”

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