holo-cardboardNow here is a Kickstarter project that you might be interested in checking out – the Holo Cardboard. What makes the Holo Cardboard so special from the rest of the other items that are already in the market? For starters, the Holo Cardboard happens to be a combination of high-density cardboard as well as transparent three-side plastic pyramid, which in turn houses your smartphone.


Using your smartphone’s display, it will project 3D videos in order to issue a holographic illusion. The team behind the Holo Cardboard hopes that this particular invention can then be used to project animated ‘toys’ such as cars and figurines, and in order to strengthen their case, the team has come up with bundle sets with Dragonball GT characters and toy cars in order to stamp the Holo Cardboard’s mark.

Of course, this would mean having to leave your handset in the cardboard box all the time, but if you happen to have a spare device lying around somewhere, why not go ahead with that rather than to leave it to collect dust in a drawer? After all, we are all for the optimization of resource usage, so to ensure that all working smartphones in and around the home still have a function to play is something worth looking forward to.

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