iphoneFor the longest time ever, Apple has stuck to using LCD screens on their iPhones. In fact Apple might still be one of the few smartphone makers in the world to use the technology as many OEMs have since turned to OLED. However come 2017, Apple is expected to make the shift but in 2018, they could make an even bigger jump.

According to the latest rumors out of Korea, word has it that in 2018, Apple could be introducing curved OLED displays to their iPhone. Like we said, this is a pretty huge leap because so far curved displays have typically been a Samsung trait, one that they’re using to their advantage rather successfully.

However this is not without precedent because last year, there were rumors of flexible OLED screens on iPhones in 2018, so if anything this new rumor seems to semi-corroborate last year’s rumor. Assuming it is true, perhaps what we could be looking at would be a subtle curve that is part of the phone’s design, as opposed to something more dramatic like Samsung’s Edge series of smartphones.

In any case 2018 is a pretty long way off so maybe we shouldn’t get too excited (or worried) just yet, so until then take it with a grain of salt.

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