samsung logo 4Assuming you happen to be in possession of a smartphone from Samsung, and have yet to make the move to install the most recent security update. What are you to do, then? Well, Samsung has a bright idea – by tempting you with free pizza. For instance, a Reddit user claimed to have received a digital coupon for a 20% discount off Domino’s Pizza on his Samsung Galaxy J7 in the My Galaxy app, and this coupon is claimed after you have obtained the latest software update for your device.

This particular update is touted to be able to be installed within a Samsung Experience Store, or through Wi-Fi, depending on your preference. Within 9 days of updating your phone, the coupon will then make its way to your My Galaxy app, now how about that? It really does not differentiate between installing a new build of Android or having the monthly security update up and running, Samsung simply wants to ensure that your device has the latest software on it, which is not a bad thing if there is no bloatware involved, and you get to gain 20% off your next pizza at Domino’s. The thing is, this is happening only in India right now. Do you see it as an incentive or a bribe?

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