samsung-suhd-tv-2016-newWord on the street – or rather, as claimed by The Wall Street Journal, it does seem as though the Samsung Smart TV Interface is all set to be on the receiving end of additional tile ads. Does this mean that the South Korean conglomerate is moving more in the direction of being just a hardware company where consumer electronics are concerned?


Perhaps the inclusion of more ads in its Smart TV interface could be part of the plan to strengthen its connection with the ad business, which is one way to help the company earn a profit in the dog-eat-dog world of TV sales. By increasing the number of tile ads which it shows off in the menu bar of its smart TVs, theoretically speaking, more revenues can be brought into the company’s coffers as advertising space is bought up.

Such tiny squares will remain available in the US only at the moment, although there is reason to believe that Europe too, will be part of the program down the road. Apart from that older models will be able to receive those ads on the home screen via a future software update. I am quite sure that we are all not exactly looking forward to having ads bombard us the moment the TV is turned on.

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