Many high-end smartphones these days feature cameras with image stabilization, whether it be optical or digital. However the stabilizer can only do so much because if you’re going to walk around with it all day or maybe run with it in your hand, safe to say that the end result will still be pretty shaky.

Now there are plenty of stabilizer gimbals out there for smartphones, like the Feiyu Tech which will set you back $300, and if the idea of paying for an accessory that’s almost half the price of your smartphone doesn’t sit well with you, then you might be interested in an accessory called the Smoovie.

This is essentially the same concept as the Feiyu, in which it is a stabilizer gimbal designed for smartphones. However it will only cost a fraction of the Feiyu’s price at around $30 for the base model. Why is it so cheap, you ask? This is because the Smoovie relies on a counter-weight to help stabilize your smartphone, meaning that it’s technology is admittedly old school (but it’s a proven tried and tested formula).

Gimbals like the Feiyu are electronic which is why it is considerably more expensive, but if you’re fine with its design then maybe you should pledge your support because from what we can tell, it seems to be capable of doing a pretty good job.

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