The Apple Watch isn’t a product that has been designed to run Windows but if you can wait for an hour for the smartwatch to boot up like this developer did, you too can get Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch. Developer Nick Lee was able to make this happen and he has posted a video on YouTube to show how Windows 95 looks when it’s running on Apple’s first smartwatch.

Obviously, it’s not the best user experience but you can see that Windows 95 on the Apple Watch is a bit more functional than you would expect it to be.

Nick Lee mentions in the blog post that the Apple Watch has specifications that are more than what a computer needs to run Windows 95, so it’s technically capable of running the operating system.

It’s easier said than done though because it’s not like Apple has left the door open to install new operating systems on the Apple Watch. It doesn’t even let people sideload applications so naturally one needs a bit of skill to make this happen.

Lee modified Apple’s development software to get Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch, it enabled him to turn Windows 95 into an app for the Apple Watch that emulates an environment in which the OS can run.

When it’s all said and done, Windows 95 runs on the Apple Watch without any major hiccups, even though you can’t really get something out of it because the Apple Watch wasn’t designed to run this desktop operating system. Still, the video is very interesting to see and you should definitely check it out.

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