watch dogsWe know for a fact that Watch Dogs 2 is in the works and that it will probably be released by April, 2017, but for now no exact dates have been given. Not much is known about the game, save for the fact that it does exist, although a recently posted photo the other day seems to have potentially revealed the game’s main character.

Whether or not that is the final design remains to be seen, but in the meantime Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has come forward to share some details about the game. According to Guillemot, he thinks Watch Dogs 2 could become one of Ubisoft’s best-selling titles of all time, which is saying a lot since the game hasn’t been released.

He also stated that the game will feature “innovative gameplay”, whatever that means. However given that this announcement was made to the company’s investors, we suppose Guillemot had to sound optimistic about his company’s future titles, although to be fair Watch Dogs was pretty well-received so we can only hope that the sequel will step it up in terms of gameplay and features as well.

In any case we have no idea when the game will be officially revealed or teased, but with E3 2016 around the corner, we’re guessing that would be as good a platform as any to share additional details about the game.

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