withings-goIt looks like Withings (which Nokia is said to be interested in) is more than happy to announce the availability of their Withings Go, which happens to be one of the most affordable, versatile and fully featured activity trackers that are in the market today. Sporting an asking price of $79.95 a pop, it happens to be an intuitive tracker that has been specially designed in order to assist just about everyone embrace activity tracking as well as achieve their personal health goals.

You will find that the Withings Go will feature an award-winning design, not to mention groundbreaking E-Ink display that is easy on your eyes, and most importantly, just how smart it is thanks to an automatic activity recognition that will be able to figure out as to whether you are walking, running, swimming or sleeping, making it almost unreal in its estimation of what you’re doing at that particular point in time.

This means that users will be able to wear it all day long without missing a beat, where it then keeps track of your various activities automatically without having to push a button in order to later between the different activities. When walking and running, it will analyze the number of steps, distance covered, calories burned as well as the duration of the running session, and to make it better, the Withings Go is also water-resistant (5 ATM) and knows in an almost sentient manner that you are about to take a dip in the pool. When you will knock off for the night, the Withings Go analyzes that, and can tell between light and deep sleep cycles in order to understand your sleep pattern better. Any takers? [Press Release]

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