It is currently believed that Samsung could unveil their next-gen Galaxy Note come 2nd of August. Right now many are referring to the handset as the Galaxy Note 7, which is a bit odd since it skipped an entire generation, but that’s what the rumors are claiming for now. That being said, a new video has surfaced that gives us a better idea of what to expect.

This video is courtesy of TechConfigurations who has cobbled a 3D rendering of the upcoming phone. Note that this rendering might not be 100% accurate as it is based on previous leaks, but essentially it is a more cleaned up version so to speak, so we will have a clearer idea of how the phone will look like.

For the most part it doesn’t look too different from what we imagined. The rumors are claiming that the phone will sport dual curved displays along the edges, similar to the Galaxy Edge series. It is unclear if this will be the default and only option, or if like the Galaxy S series, Samsung will offer users the choice of a flat screen or a curved display.

Other than that, the design of the phone doesn’t look like a huge departure from previous Note designs, although it is a bit hard to tell exactly how big the display is from the video. The top and bottom of the phones sport antenna breaks and also an area where the S Pen will go into, but like we said, other than that there are no surprises, but do check it out in the video above if you are curious.

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