The majority of fitness and health related trackers we’ve seen so far are worn either on your wrist, or in some cases, worn strapped across your chest. However if neither of those options are to your liking, you might be interested to learn that there is a crowdfunding campaign for a device called the BioRing which as its name suggests, is worn on your finger.

The BioRing’s design is simple and elegant and if you did not know any better, you’d assume it was a regular ring. Its creators claim that the BioRing has an advantage over the competition as it will also be able to record your food intake, meaning that instead of just counting calories burnt, it can count calories taken in.

“BioRing measures both, giving you a detailed breakdown of the food you are eating and helping you manage your weight – all in a revolutionary small size with sleek Scandinavian design.” The ring itself contains several sensors like an accelerometer, bio-impedance sensor, and an optical heart rate sensor. The bio-impedance sensor is the one that will measure your calorie intake.

Now we obviously can’t speak to its effectiveness, but if you think this is something you can get behind on, then head on over to its Indiegogo website to pledge your support.

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