donotpayIf you have ever been worried about the possibility that one day robots could take over your job, it seems that they are already in the process of doing so. Some of you guys might be familiar with Joshua Browder who has in the past created bots that can respond to legal queries. He created a bot called DoNotPay which challenges parking tickets in New York.


Turns out the bot has been surprisingly effective because according to Browder, it seems that the DoNotPay bot has managed to challenge and beat over 160,000 parking tickets to date. The bot has challenged 250,000 tickets and has managed to beat 160,000, which we reckon is a pretty decent success rate.

According to the stats, in 2015 a record $1.9 billion worth of parking tickets and fines were issued by the City of New York alone. Browder says, “I think the people getting parking tickets are the most vulnerable in society. These people aren’t looking to break the law. I think they’re being exploited as a revenue source by the local government.”

Browder is hoping to expand DoNotPay to Seattle this fall, and he is working on a bot to help people with HIV understand their legal rights. “I feel like there’s a gold mine of opportunities because so many services and information could be automated using AI, and bots are a perfect way to do that, and it’s disappointing at the moment that it’s mainly used for commerce transactions by ordering flowers and pizzas.”

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