Lexus owners have been irked by malfunctioning navigation systems today. Many would have initially thought that it was an isolated problem limited to their car, but a quick internet search reveals that Lexus cars across the United States are facing the same issue. It’s a glitch in the navigation system’s software that’s causing this problem for millions of Lexus owners, Lexus is in the process of developing a fix.

Lexus says that the issue has likely been caused by an application in the software update that it rolls out via satellite. It’s common for Lexus to send such updates to customers’ cars through satellite and things appear to have gone south this time around.

The company is still working to find a fix for this problem, and it’s not sure at this point in time whether the issue can be taken care of through a new update or if customers will be put through the agony of having to take their cars into the dealership.

A video posted to YouTube shows just what happens. The navigation system of that Lexus RX350 starts up and then goes to a purple screen before starting over. It’s stuck in that loop.

Posters on a Lexus owner’s forum suggest a temporary fix which involves pulling the battery cable for ten minutes. This forces a manual reset and apparently fixes the problem. Lexus is yet to detail a permanent fix for this problem.

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