Photographers out there, how many of you guys have had discussions where you would dream up the perfect camera, where it would have a sensor from this company, the lens selection from that company, an autofocusing system from another brand, and so on? Unfortunately the way most cameras are designed, there is only so much customizing and mix-and-matching you can do.


However over on Kickstarter, there is a camera called the Mercury that is attempting to appeal to photographers across the board with its modular design. With smartphones starting to adopt modular designs, we guess it’s not surprising to see it apply to cameras as well. So how does the Mercury work?

Basically with its modular design, photographers can choose to shooty in a variety of formats, like medium and large film formats, digital, using Instax film, and so on. They will also not be limited to lens brands so if you’re shooting Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm and so on, it doesn’t matter as the Mercury will be able to adapt to any lens.

This is a pretty clever idea but if there is one drawback, it is that it is a pretty huge device meaning that if you’re after something not so obvious, this is definitely not it. Also it does look complex and technical so unless you’re a hardcore photographer, chances are you might not have much use for all of its features. However if you think that you might be able to appreciate the Mercury, hit up its Kickstarter for the details.

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