microsoft logoWhen you go on holiday, chances are you snap a ton of photos. Like if you were going on a hike, you might snap photos from the time you wake up to the time you arrive at your destination, during the hike, stops along the way, and of course at the end. All these photos pretty much tell a huge story.

Now you could tell the story yourself, but what if there was a system that could sort your photos and tell a story for you? That’s kind of what Microsoft Research is working on at the moment, which is an AI that will be able to tell you a story based on your photos which goes beyond mere captioning of them.

According to Margaret Mitchell, a computer scientist at Microsoft Research, “The goal is to help give AIs more human-like intelligence, to help it understand things on a more abstract level — what it means to be fun or creepy or weird or interesting. People have passed down stories for eons, using them to convey our morals and strategies and wisdom. With our focus on storytelling, we hope to help AIs understand human concepts in a way that is very safe and beneficial for mankind, rather than teaching it how to beat mankind.”

As it stands, Google Photos is already pretty apt at sorting out photos and generating video based on photos it thinks are related, but for an AI to actually think up of a story based around the photos would no doubt be a huge step.

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