Samsung-Galaxy-Note-5-21There have been rumors to suggest that the upcoming next-gen Galaxy Note handset will come with a curved display, similar to that of the Galaxy S Edge series of smartphones. This also begs the question, is Samsung adopting a similar model to the Galaxy S series where they have a regular flat screen version and a curved version?

It would be easy to assume that is the case, but it turns out that maybe we could be wrong. A report from The Korea Herald has revealed that the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 will not have a flat screen variant. Apparently this is to prove Samsung’s commitment to curved displays, just in case anyone was thinking that the technology is still a novelty.

It is possible that because of this change that Samsung has decided to skip the Note 6 and go straight to the Note 7 as it represents a new direction for the company. That being said, these are just rumors and should be treated as such and taken with a grain of salt. However we are curious to see how Samsung plans on differentiating the handset from the Edge series, apart from the Galaxy Note 7’s S Pen functionality.

In any case we should be able to find out if the rumors are true as it is said that Samsung has plans for an event on the 2nd of August in which we can expect the next-gen Galaxy Note to be announced.

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