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T-Mobile confirmed earlier this week that it’s going to announce its uncarrier 11 promotion on Monday, but it didn’t provide any details about what this promotion could bring. The company has previously made uncarrier promotional announcements to introduce new plans, new features, and new services for its customers. This time around it appears that the promotion will enable its customers to acquire the company’s shares.

According to a report, this promotion will enable postpaid customers to acquire up to 100 shares of T-Mobile per year, one share of T-Mobile is currently trading below $44 under the symbol TMUS.

There will reportedly be two ways to acquire the company’s shares. The first will involve downloading the T-Mobile Tuesdays app before June 21st to claim a single share of TMUS. Customers will be required to sign up with Loyal3, a service that lets users invest in the stock of popular brands without any fees. All new T-Mobile customers will get a three-week rolling window to claim their single share at Loyal3.

After the initial sign up for this program called “Stock Up,” customers will also be able to earn up to 99 shares per year by referring people to T-Mobile. Those who are referred must maintain their accounts for longer than 15 days. Customers who have been with T-Mobile for five years or more will get two shares per new customers referred.

None of this has obviously been confirmed officially yet but the information does from a scribe that’s been right about these things in the past. T-Mobile is going to make the official announcement next month, it will be live streamed online.

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