Clocks are meant to tell the time, and it’s really as simple as that. However some people think that maybe clocks can do more than that, which is why Scott Thrift has launched a Kickstarter for a clock that he’s calling the “Today”. According to Thrift, the goal of the Today clock is to help people feel like they have more time.

According to its description, “The clear, intuitive design of Today takes the edge off of time. Using a 24-hour movement engineered and assembled in Germany, Today quietly moves at half the speed of a regular clock, making one full rotation every day. The result is a timepiece that makes you feel like you have more time.”

Also as you can see in the video above, the design of the Today face looks different from regular clocks. It features a gradient design which is meant to symbolize the transition from morning to night, which means that you’ll need to relearn how to tell time. 6am will now be positioned at the “9” mark, while 3am will now be positioned at around the “8” mark.

Like we said, the goal is to show the transition from morning to evening, which apparently will also help with your sleep cycle. Instead of your clock showing you that it’s 11pm, it will point in the dark zone of the clock to tell you that it is night. Will this clock be effective at what it does? We can’t say for sure, but in terms of design, we suppose at the very least you’ll walk away with a conversation piece.

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