Audi previously announced plans to launch one electric car every year starting in 2018 and it’s keeping true to that promise. The company’s CEO Rupert Stadler has reiterated that Audi is going to release three electric cars by 2020. Audi is bullish on the performance of its electric cars and expects that they will account for a quarter of its annual sales by 2025.


Audi’s major push towards electric cars is the result of a wider strategic change that parent company Volkswagen has made following the diesel emissions scandal that has cost the company billions of dollars and has dealt quite a bit of harm to its reputation across the globe.

The company is going to launch one electric car per year starting in 2018 and the CEO has also confirmed that Audi’s electric car offerings will include a small vehicle in the A-segment.

Audi has also revealed plans of making an autonomous car. It’s going to set up a subsidiary called SDS Company which will be involved in the production of the company’s first self-driving car. “This is about a robot car that may not even need a steering wheel or pedals, so it’s ideal for urban traffic,” said CEO Rupert Stadler.

The German car manufacturer is open to working with other partners in a joint venture to bring its autonomous car to reality.

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