ApplecareThere is a bit of debate surrounding the notion of refurbished products. Some believe that refurbished products are essentially almost brand new, while others believe that because it has been used before, it doesn’t matter if it is refurbished or not as it will never be the same as purchasing a product brand new off the shelves.


This seems to be one of the points of contention in a class-action lawsuit filed against Apple. Apparently a couple of customers were unhappy over the AppleCare and AppleCare+ protection plans, in which the plans essentially replaced broken units with refurbished models that Apple claims is “as good as new” in terms of performance and reliability.

However it seem “as good as new” isn’t good enough. According to the court documents obtained by Cult of Mac, it reads, “‘New’ means a Device that has never been utilized or previously sold and consists of all new parts. The word ‘refurbished’ appears only once in the AppleCare+ terms and conditions even though the printed booklet is 33 pages long. The word is not even used to reference a device, but a part.”

With this class-action lawsuit, the Cupertino company is being sued for breach of warranty, fraud, and violations of the Consumers Legal Remedies act, which could result in billions in terms of a fine should Apple be found guilty.

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