Facebook first updated its main application with support for the 3D Touch feature of the iPhone 6S. It had said back then that it would take some time for similar functionality to arrive for Facebook Messenger, which is now an important service in its own right and not just a standalone app for keeping in touch with your friends and family. Two months before Apple is scheduled to launch the next iPhone, Facebook Messenger has received support for 3D Touch today.

Support for 3D Touch on iPhone 6S means that users will be able to use peek and pop by altering the force with which they tap on the app’s icon. This makes it easier to preview content and makes it slightly faster to navigate around the app.

Facebook Messenger can now take full advantage of the pressure sensitive display of the iPhone 6S. Peek and pop can be used to preview photos, GIFs, conversations, stickers, links, videos, and much more.

Those who think this will enable them to circumvent Facebook Messenger’s read receipts which can’t be switched off having another thing coming. Even if users peek into a conversation and never fully pop it open the read receipt will be sent nonetheless. The updated Facebook Messenger is now live for iPhone 6S.

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