Pokemon GO’s popularity has had some unintended (good) consequences. Even though it was not developed by Nintendo, the popularity of the app has seen Nintendo’s shares rise by as much as 25% and now according to an announcement by Spotify, Pokemon GO has resulted in a surge in popularity of Pokemon songs.

The Pokemon theme song is probably one of the more iconic video game songs of all time (you can listen to it in the video above). It has been covered countless times, turned into memes, so with the popularity of Pokemon GO, it really isn’t that surprising that gamers have started to listen to it more, maybe to relive some nostalgia, or maybe they like playing it in the background while they go about catching Pokemon.

According to Spotify’s numbers, the official theme song has since a rise of 362% in popularity in the week ending on Sunday, the 10th of July, compared to the week prior. Spotify also revealed that since the launch, there have been 197,000 Pokemon playlists created, with about a quarter of them being titled “Pikachu”.

They also listed the five most popular Pokemon songs, with number 1 going to the Pokemon theme, followed by the Pokerap, the Pokemon Johto, “Go Pokemon Go”, and last but not least, “I Want To Be A Hero”.

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