GoPro makes some amazing action cameras that are good for just about any action-packed activity, There’s tons of interesting footage available online captured using GoPro cameras which showcases really interesting stuff. Some footage was posted online recently from a GoPro camera that was recovered after about a year under water, it shows us a live crab hanging out with the action camera.

YouTuber Francis Darracott recovered the camera earlier this month while he was fishing in Poole, England. He thought he had caught a big fish but ended up reeling in the GoPro. He mentions in the video that the camera was covered in barnacles and it appears that the GoPro had been down there for at least a year.

GoPro cameras can only withstand water up to a certain limit and they are certainly not capable of surviving a year under water. Water did seep through this camera’s housing and it’s no longer functional but the SD has survived, which allowed Darracott to recover the footage filmed on August 13th, 2015.

The footage shows that someone tried to perform a flip off a swimming pier but the camera fell off and it sunk to the bottom of the ocean where it hit the sand. It kept filming for a full half hour after that and was even flipped over by the tide.

The footage shows that a curious crab comes over for a closer look, making it seem like it wanted to take a selfie almost, it hangs out with the camera for some time before walking off. It may not be the most exciting thing ever captured by a GoPro but the footage is already going viral with million-plus views on YouTube.

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