htc-vive-hardware_17The HTC Vive VR headset is by no means a slim package, but then again neither are any of the VR headsets we’ve seen so far. This is largely due to the technology at the moment and we expect that in the future just like computers and smartphones, VR headsets will eventually start to shrink into more compact gadgets.

However the good news is that if you still haven’t bought the HTC Vive yet, word on the street is that a newer, slimmer, and lighter model could be in the works for later this year. This is according to a post on Reddit in which the poster alleges to have attended a meeting with analysts for Taiwan Paiho, who for those unfamiliar is one of the suppliers to HTC for the head band for the Vive headset.

According to the poster, they claim that the company’s CEO, CFO, and a spokesperson pretty much revealed that HTC was planning a second model of the HTC Vive that will see changes made to the design and dimensions of the headset, presumably to get it slimmer and lighter, but other than that the innards are expected to remain the same.

The revised headset is also rumored for launch later this year, or possibly even in 2017. We’re not sure how true these claims are, plus we’re sure that many early adopters will be miffed that a newer model is going to be replacing theirs in such a short span of time, but since it can’t be confirmed yet do take it with a grain of salt.

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