We’re sure at some point in time we all have used a tape measure, whether it be to measure boxes we want to transport, or the size of a couch to know whether or not it will fit in our living rooms, or even if we’ve just played around with it just to see the tape recoil and spring back into its container.

However tape measures can be a tad unwieldy if you use it to measure larger objects, plus trying to get a super accurate read can be tough if you’re not familiar with it. Enter the Bagel. This is a Kickstarter project for a “smart” tape measure which actually does not come with any tape. Instead the Bagel actually contains a flexible piece of string which will allow users to measure all kinds of devices.

This means you can wrap the string around curved or rounded objects like a bottle, or maybe your waist if you’re trying to measure your waist line. The Bagel even supports voice memos meaning that you can record how what you’re measuring and maybe make some voice notes. The data will also be sent to your phone via Bluetooth to an accompanying app, thus letting you view all your data at a glance.

This means that whenever you’re at a furniture store, you can always pull up information about the space available in your living room on your phone, so if you need to make a purchase, you’ll have all your measurements on hand. If you think the Bagel is a good idea, then head on over to its Kickstarter page to pledge your support.

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