swiftkey iosOne of the key features that SwiftKey has going for it would be its text prediction, which for the most part does a pretty decent job. However it seems that recently some users have discovered that SwiftKey has been offering text predictions that are completely unrelated to them, and are actually the predictions belonging to other users.

According to the reports, some users have discovered that when they surfed to websites with login pages that they were offered email addresses that weren’t familiar to them. Some users even reported that they have received calls from complete strangers who found their number through SwiftKey’s predictive text.

As it turns out, this was a bug and an issue with SwiftKey’s sync services. In a post by SwiftKey on their blog, the company acknowledged the issue and stated that for now, they have disabled cloud sync service and have removed email predictions, at least until the issue can be sorted out. It also means that your SwiftKey language model cannot be backed up for now.

However thankfully it seems that this isn’t as widespread an issue as we had feared. SwiftKey claims that only a small number of users are affected by this, but they have encouraged users who are facing these issues to get in contact with the developers.

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