gmail_blocked_windows_10Google and Microsoft do not have the best relationship, and should we be surprised? Not really, especially when you consider how many different aspects both companies are competing against each other, like computer operating systems (Chrome OS versus Windows), mobile (Android versus Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile), search (Google versus Bing), and more.

However could Google’s attempts to get ahead of Microsoft extend as far as blocking access to some of their services? According to a report from NPU, it seems that Google has blocked the native mail app on Windows 10 from accessing Gmail. For the longest time ever, or at least since Windows 10 was released, accessing Gmail via the native mail app was not an issue.

However it seems that recently Google has blocked access to Gmail citing the mail app as being a “less secure app”. According to NPU, it seems that only after allowing less secure apps to access Gmail that the native mail app started working properly again. Granted for more advanced users this isn’t an issue, but for novice users, they might assume that the native mail app is no longer working and will need to look elsewhere, which can be an inconvenience.

It is unclear as to how widespread this blockage is, or if maybe this was a one-time error and not done on purpose by Google, but in the meantime have any of our readers encountered a similar error message when accessing Gmail via the Windows 10 native mail app?

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