Last year there was a bit of a fuss (albeit humorous) over the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its S Pen. It seems that some users accidentally inserted the stylus backwards, thus causing it to be stuck, and in some cases even damaging some of the hardware. However it was discovered that with later models, Samsung seems to have addressed the design flaw.

So the question is, will Samsung be repeating their mistakes with the recently launched Galaxy Note 7? The good news is that no, they will not because it seems that with the redesign of the smartphone and the S Pen, the company has made it pretty much impossible to insert the S Pen backwards to begin with, thus eliminating the problem once and for all.

As you can see in the video above uploaded by Patranun Limudomporn, it shows him trying to put the S Pen in backwards but it fails to go all the way. For those who did not know about the Note 5’s S Pen “controversy”, we guess this probably wouldn’t have mattered, but for those who did experience stuck S Pens in the Note 5, you can rest assured that your brand new Note 7 will be safe (at least as far as this is concerned).

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