Do you find the HoloLens augmented reality helmet from Microsoft fascinating? Would you like to purchase one? Well now you can. Microsoft is now allowing anyone to purchase the helmet without having to go through an entire application process which was previously necessary before you were allowed to buy the HoloLens. The company is going to sell up to five units per customers to folks located in the United States or Canada. Folks outside the two countries will have to wait or ask someone to bring it over for them.

Microsoft previously only allowed developers who went through the application process to purchase HoloLens but that’s no longer the case.

Even though the company is now allowing anyone and everyone to purchase the augmented reality helmet, it’s not like people are going to buy it on an impulse. After all, the HoloLens costs a cool $3000.

That’s more many than most are likely to spend on an impulse buy. Sure, the HoloLens looks very cool, but you won’t find most average users willing to spend $3,000 to the first iteration of a product that’s certainly going to be cheaper and more capable in the future.

Don’t expect to buy one from one of Microsoft’s retail stores. The company will only be selling the HoloLens online.

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