microsoft_surface_pro_4_7So far all of Microsoft’s Surface efforts have been of the mobile variety, like in tablet form and laptop form. However if you might recall, a rumor from a couple of months ago revealed that Microsoft had plans to create an iMac competitor in the form of a Surface AIO desktop PC, and now it looks like more details have surfaced.

According to a report from Windows Central, they have learnt that Microsoft could be offering up the Surface AIO in three different sizes. To be more specific, the report claims that Microsoft is testing at least three display sizes, so whether or not all three make the cut remains to be seen, but hopefully it does as having variety is always nice.

The smallest size they’re testing is a 21-inch display with a Full HD resolution. This is pretty standard as far as displays are concerned, so it is really the next two models that has us more excited. The other two models are said to be a 24-inch with a 4K display, and a 27-inch with a 4K display, with the latter possibly being the closest to an iMac competitor.

No word on what they look like, specs, or pricing just yet, but so far Microsoft’s Surface products have never failed to impress in terms of design, so hopefully we’ll be able to find out more details in the near future.

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