no mans skyA couple of days ago, we reported that during an interview, Hello Games’ Sean Murray was asked if the game would be arriving on the Xbox One. Based on Murray’s answer, or lackthereof, and also the response of the Sony rep that was with him, it sounded like the game arriving on the Xbox One was a possibility, albeit a faint one.

However it seems that it could be more than just a faint possibility. According to recent data-mined information posted on NeoGAF (via Videogamer), there is a reference made to the game’s Havoc physics engine, whose license also means that the game could be developed for the Xbox One.

Now this might be a stretch as it is possible that while they could technically develop for the Xbox One, whether or not they decide to do just that remains to be seen. However like we said, Murray’s previous answer certainly hinted at the Xbox One’s availability. There is a good chance the game could be a timed exclusive for the PS4, hence Murray’s inability to provide a more straightforward answer.

In any case there’s really no telling how long this alleged timed exclusivity will last for, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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