Image credit - Jonathan Braman

Image credit – Jonathan Braman

Recently Tesla has been getting a bit of bad press over its autopilot feature, and how there have been several reports of people getting into accidents and dying which have been attributed to the feature, so much so that over in China, it forced the company to rethink the way they had marketed the feature.

Ironically enough, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk actually said that autopilot was meant to be a safety feature and supposedly reduces the chance of accidents. That being said, Tesla might have gotten some good press recently after a Model X owner claimed that due to the build and features of the car, it might have saved him and his family from serious injury during an accident.

Orthopaedic surgeon Jonathan Braman and his family were in the Model X when a truck, the GMC Yukon, ran into the front bumper of his car. As you can see in the photos, it looks rather grim, but Braman claims it could have gone a lot worse. He claims that the speed at which the airbags deployed, and how they deployed all over the vehicle allowed him and his family to walk away relatively unscathed save for some bruises.

He also claims that the weight of the Model X and its low center of gravity prevented it from skidding too far when it was hit, or prevented it from flipping over as well. Speaking to Electrek in a phone interview, Braman was quoted as saying, “I want my family back in a Tesla.”

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