google homeEarlier this year, Google announced their own take on the Amazon Echo in the form of the Google Home. It would more or less function the same way as the Echo, except that it will feature Google Assistant, Google’s new voice assistant platform which could potentially be used to replace the Google Now brand.

Google did not confirm pricing at the event, but the folks at Android Police have since learnt that it is possible that it will end up being priced at $129. With this price, Google would basically be undercutting the Amazon Echo by a good $50, which is currently priced at $179 on Amazon’s website. Google is also rumored to announce the price at their 4th of October event.

In addition to revealing the price of the Google Home, the company is also rumored to announce the Chromecast Ultra. The Chromecast Ultra is basically the Chromecast, except that it has the ability to support 4K resolution. Given that 4K will eventually become the standard that we can expect in displays in the future, we guess it makes sense that Google will release an updated Chromecast that will be able to support it.

It is also said that HDR is one of its features, and that it is rumored to retail for $69 which is basically double the price of the existing Chromecast, but if you want to futureproof yourself, then we guess that’s a small price to pay. Take it with a grain of salt, but remember to check back with us on the 4th of October for all the details.

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